Welcome to the CHATHA MOTORS

Message from CEO


MR Raza Bashir :To achieve Chatha Motor’s corporate vision of “enriching people’s lives,” we are committed to delivering unique and innovative vehicles and mobility services with value that is recognized by our customers.

The environment surrounding the automobile is undergoing rapid changes driven by technological innovation. CHATHA is actively working on innovation by bringing ingenuity into the areas of vehicle engineering, development, and production, as well as into sales and services, and we will further accelerate these efforts.

Mr Raza Bashir says "The power comes from inside." This phrase embodies the efforts of all CHATHA MOTORS employees. I strongly believe that corporate growth cannot be achieved without highly-motivated and ambitious employees. We will continue to harness the power that's inside CHATHA MOTORS to realize and provide solutions that our customers will want and value. To create the value that customers expect, through the Alliance, CHATHA MOTORS employees of Japan and from all around the world are working together. CHATHA MOTORS is a Japanese company with a long history. Please continue to expect CHATHA MOTORS's growth today and into the future. I would like to thank all of you for the warm and continued support.


Who Are We

We are JAPAN base motor vehicle trading company which was established way back in 2005 by our ceo Mr Raza Bashir .since then we grow stronger with each passing day


Our Mission

"LIVING UPTO EXPECTATION" our mission us to fulfill people expectation which they have from a top rated company like us without a fail.


What we do

We Choose best car with tons of experince at our hand .from a small utility vehicle upto big trucks and buses we can get you best and deliver in all around the globe


Our Standards

Our standard and relibailty and consistancy is the key to our sucess . we our providing upto mark high quality vehicles day after day to have full set of happy and retained customers

Why Choose Us

Buying a car is liftime goal for many , we take it very serious and do it professionaly to achive this goal for our estimed customers Mint condition car direct import from Japan inspected by the best in the business your Best Buy which you can trust .we can full fill need for everyone

Trusted By Thousands

Reliability is always there! with our main salogan We have built up excellence in used car industry for 25 years, and have put the finest focus on reliability.

Wide Range Of Vehicles

You name it we have it ! we have wide rang of vehicles ranging from the commercial trucks and busses saloon family cars upto high end luxury cars . we have all of them

Faster Buying

Our well skilled and profesional staff make sure you choose and get car of yiur dream as soon as possible most effiecient and faster.

Our Testimonial

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.We always welcome reviews from clients on our digital marketing tactics, website design and development

Baudelaire Charles2
Dodoma, Tanzania2

Best trade ever. The sellers are user friendly and provide assistance throughout the process. Excellent customer service. Keep up the standard 

Simpson Jack
Mwanza, Tanzania

Straightforward and pleasant experience buying a vehicle from Harab Motors, the inspection gave me added peace of mind. Will definitely use again.

UGANDA kampala

Honestly speaking i am too happy the for the price for which i got my Rav 4 i am reffering you people to all my fiends and family

Taleb Nassim Nicholas
Arusha, Tanzania

I had to wait a couple of months before the car was shipped, but it was worth the wait. It is in perfect condition. I am quite satisfied. I was also very pleased with the service from Harab Motors. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Alphonce amanaya

Really Impressed with the quality of the vehicle in start i was worried but once recived the my car i was over the moon

stwuart kaduma

My best deal ever.

Got excellent toyota wish at very low price

i am one HAPPY customer

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